Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

I have been sick all week.  This infuriates me for several reasons.
1. I hate being sick.
2. Until this week I had gone nine months without taking a sick day at work.  Taking a sick day is inconvenient to everyone else because we are understaffed at work.
3. Technically this results in my losing the competition to Flash.

When we were making the rules for the contest Flash started hinting that he wasn't feeling that great and might need to take some days off  from working out right from the get go.  Turns out he wasn't sick, but that didn't stop me from shutting down the idea that sick days were valid.  I rarely get sick, so the idea that I would get sick during this one month competition seemed highly unlikely.  I would've let Flash take a couple sick days, I just didn't want him thinking that was a loophole he could call in whenever he didn't feel like working out.

So technically I've lost.  Flash has told me I can keep going if I add the days I missed onto the end of the month.  As far as the 'prize' goes, my birthday is in a couple weeks, so I'm getting a present then anyway.  Needless to say my motivation has dwindled.  I'll still finish, but I'm annoyed that one of my own rules caused me to lose.  I'm going to do it because I said I would, but any competitive fire has definitely been snuffed out.