Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So it's the end of the first month- boost energy- I think I did a pretty good job! The truth is, this was kind of my fly away month. I have a really good energy level already and I think that my main goal was going to bed earlier and I am VERY proud to report that during the work week I only went to bed past 10:30pm 4 times! This is huge for me!! I am a night owl and being in bed and ready to sleep at that hour used to be completely insane. I found it did make a difference, I had more energy during the day.
Drinking water----H2O....I don't like you. I have come to the realization that I really hate water. It's just SO BORING! And when it gets warm it tastes like minerals and metal. Gross. I attempted adding crystal light barely dissolves and also, when warm, tastes like shit. So it's something that is forced, and I will continue to not let myself leave work until an entire 600mL bottle of water is gone. Tonight I had soccer, so I drank a lot of working, but you're burning a lot too so I don't really think it counts.
Vitamins....I have done a terrible job at taking a multi vitamin. And to be honest, I don't really know why I put this in my happiness project. I have never had a deficiency, and never been told I need B6 or Vitamin C, so why change it up now!? So I'm cutting this out. I don't feel like it would really benefit me.
Yoga. Due to the fact that i'm so active with sports, I have been away for a couple Sunday Yoga classes, but I do have my Biggest Loser yoga video that I have subbed in a couple times so I definitely did yoga at least 4 times this month (or once a week) which was my goal. I am always going to want yoga in my life and will continue to try and do it once a week. Plus my yoga instructor, Dawson, is super hot so it's really just a bonus. :)

I am getting apprehensive going into October. I think "Attitude Adjustment" month is going to be VERY testing for both Kirby and I. We feed off each others sarcasm, we enjoy gossiping together, we both allow the other to be in a pissy mood if we feel like that fact that we're both trying to be happy and less judgmental should prove to be VERY interesting. I'm very much looking forward to hopefully not....well being such a ....ummm...bitch? haha. I guess I can sometimes be a bitch. A co-worker of mine once told me that when I walked into the room where she was it looked like I had a huge sign on my forehead that says "GO AWAY!" is the worst thing anyone has ever said to me. The LAST thing in the world I want to be is unapproachable?! Gross. What a terrible trait. So i'm looking forward to "smiling when I walk into a room" to hopefully say "Hello! I am glad to be here!" Not "F**K OFF I HATE YOU!" haha which is never really what i'm thinking....well....sometimes :)

So far Happy and getting Happier by the day,

P.S. My nagging task this month is 100% to get a damn battery for my camera so I can take pictures and add them to my my posts so Kirby stops making me feel inferior :) KIDDING. I love your pictorials Kirb-a-licious

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