Friday, October 15, 2010

Attitude Week 2 - Recap

Overall this week has been a struggle.  I think my problem with attitude month is that I have an attitude problem.  I get into these weird moods where I lose all motivation for my resolutions, even the really small easy ones.  I get all like, FU happiness project, stop trying to change me!  I’m wondering if putting attitude this early was a mistake, that maybe it would be easier to change my attitude once I’ve increased my happiness in other areas of my life.  Gretchen Rubin didn’t work on attitude until month ten or something.  Just a thought.  I also think that I’m feeling a lack of accountability.  I am surprised by the lack of feedback I’ve gotten from family and friends.  I know that I’m doing this for me and it shouldn’t matter if anyone else notices or cares, but it would be nice to have that extra motivation.

My big failures for the week are still my attitude resolutions and mornings and workouts.  In other words 80% of my project thus far.  I think I need to go back to basics and give up on working out in the mornings.  It’s the last thing that I want to do first thing.  My goal is to find something I enjoy doing in the mornings, and simply work on making waking up before I absolutely have to a habit.  If it means getting up and watching tv, or a movie, or making bacon and eggs everyday then fine, whatever works.

I have done well with my something extra category for look good feel good.  This week I got a pedicure on Wednesday and a facial on Thursday as part of that spa promo package I bought a while back.  So far this package has been nice, they haven’t been trying to up sell or push product.  I also revamped my resolutions chart by narrowing my six attitude resolutions down to three.  They are now give compliments, no complaining and laugh.

This week I crossed several nagging tasks off my to do list:

  • touch up paint on bathroom ceiling
  • scan grandma’s letters
  • fix bedroom clutter
  • organize fitness stuff
  • inquire about broken trunk lever

I am going to try my first ever weekly goal idea.  This upcoming week I am going to try a new recipe every night.  I’m hoping that this weekly goal will be successful and fun.  When I get into these low moods and start thinking of my resolutions as chores, it takes the fun out of the project.  Hopefully I snap out of it soon and get back on track.

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