Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Soooo after the quarter point on our happiness journey I have gone back and read every entry that Kirby and I have made since day 1. I am starting to really notice how incredibly different we are! Me and Kirby's Happiness Projects couldn't be any different really and I think it's such a clear indication of the differences we have, and how together, those differences make our Happiness Blog perfect. We come from two totally different perspectives, with totally different goals, totally different ways of tracking, even the way we blog is opposite.

Although our Happiness Project is a perfect example of how opposites attract (and make awesome roommates) I would like to take a minute to list a few things Kirby and I have in common so that y'all know why we have mad love:
  1. Our shared love for "Glee" and knowing that the show wouldn't be the same without Becky the Cheerio
  2. Our love for Mexican food (Our first roommate dinner was at Julio's Barrio)
  3. Our hate for stuck up biatches (we both know who this is, in particular)
  4. Our appreciation for a clean kitchen
  5. The things we know are just that way, but were never discussed, like why do I have the left side of the fridge, and she has the right? If individual items linger over to the other side, one of us returns them to their rightful space. The top shelf is for shared items like margarine, salsa and ketchup.
  6. Our ability to know exactly when the other doesn't want to be spoken to, for at least an hour
  7. Our love for comments about the interesting folk that live in our building
  8. Our love for movies....we .....love.....movies.

In compliance with showing proofs of love, here are a few things that I adore about Kirby:
  1. How she always keeps a can of Chef Boyardi mini Ravioli in her cupboard for the Sundays that i'm too hungover to move or make myself anything
  2. How she hates leftovers, and therefore I usually have an already made meal in the fridge once a week
  3. Her love for cheese....we always have cheese (right now? fresh parm and her fav, cheese whiz)
  4. Her love for breakfast foods
  5. When I catch her dancing
  6. The way she laughs out loud when something is REALLY funny
  7. Her cleaning ethic. This girl puts Danny Tanner to shame (she steam cleans....fact)
  8. The fact that she taught me to drive a standard in 2 hours, in the snow
  9. Her patience...
  10. Her perseverance. This chick is strong :)

    I'm happy to be on this journey.

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