Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NOVEMBER: Work, Work, Play, Work....

I have decided to dedicate November to my job. My friends and family are probably thinking "holy crap child don't you spend all your time working as is?" and the answer is YES....but am I working "smart" as opposed to working "hard"? That's what i'm looking to focus on. Also, I want to create better work relationships. My business has several different division's that we call LOB's and in the nature of our office lay out, we don't really get to comunicate with each other THAT much throughout the day, we're all very busy. I'm going to devote some time this month to get to know each and every person in my office (about 20 that I haven't spoken to that much or know their story). I want to know how they came to be here, what made them chose this industry, what was their biggest success, what is their one piece of advice for the office baby (yes i'm the youngest Sales Rep). I want to be able to learn from all the talent around me and apply it. My goals for work are as follows:

- be nicer to everyone, smile more
- get to know everyone more personally
- hit my weekly targets set by my Team Lead
- don't leave until I feel accomplished that day
- be more patient with candidates
- NO MORE fake gun-to-the-head....body language is important
- when frustrated take a deep breath, count to this worth a freak-out attack
- re-read "SPIN Selling" (the sales bible)

I'm looking for that feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. I love my job, and i'm starting to get pretty good at it. I just want to keep growing, keep evolving and continue to learn from the successful people and pick up tips of the trade.
A lot of my "attitude adjustment" month goals should assist with this month which is whyI decided to put it right after. I want to be a happier employee and a good co-worker to all!!!

Ready. Set. SELL.

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