Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Work In Progress!

Today I was 50/50 on my Happiness Project. I came into work so rested and ready to work and had a smile on my face, even after a certain company called me at 7:10am to report an order that they needed by 8am. “No Big Deal!” I thought, taking the call with a smile. To be honest, I somewhat enjoy getting calls on my blackberry, while on the train in the morning. I secretly enjoy the thought of people knowing how busy I am. I literally start work some days at 6:30am, whenever that call comes through!

ANYWAYS, off topic. Today was going really great. I even wanetd my productivity to be so high that I moved into a “call pod” away from everyone else so I could focus and not be distracted! That went really well, and I had a great morning!......then Noon hit.Where my little “Call Pod” is located, everyone leaving the back office has to walk past my desk, and the computer I’m working on. During my much earned lunch hour (I never take lunch…I’ll eat at my desk, while working) I decided to look at some of this season’s Stella & Dot pieces online. I think I’ve earned a new piece of jewellry. Three people that walked past my desk (on their way to lunch, no doubt) made comments like “Working hard or hardly working?” or “Get back to work!”…..it was all in good fun, but I found myself growing annoyed. I kept it in check, and just laughed it off. Why did this bother me? I guess I don’t like the thought of people ever thinking I’m slacking! With the complete lack of privacy in our office as is I felt like saying “What the hell are you doing looking at what I’m doing anyways?!?” but I’m sure it was just a way to make small talk, soooo…DEEP BREATH, let it go. Done.

Slight mis-step today but I’m back on track. Also, a shout out to my Sask friend who I shall refer to as E, who sent me a lovely little “Have a good Day” text. Being single forrrrr….2 years(ish) now, I forgot how nice those random little messages are. I receive them from Stephanie sometimes but they're more like "FYI, Coach is having a sale, let's go!!!". Although thoughtful, there's something about knowing someone from the opposite sex is thinking about you that just puts a smile on your face. I will make more of an effort for random “proofs of affection”. You know what’s not a proof of affection? Getting dinged an extra $10 to get something with silk in it dry cleaned! WTF. The boy working at the Dry Cleaners was super cute though. I smiled through the $10 charge with a playful "whaaaaat??". Normally I would try to negotiate my way out of it. Today I didn't, I accepted that such is life.

Heading into an extra long weekend, and feeling HAPPY!

Melissa ‘Smiley’ Nadeau

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