Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter Lovin'

So love month has come to an end....FINALLY!
I'm not going to lie, this month was stressful, but freeing.

I went on a few dates, met some cute boys and so recently as my birthday party this past weekend a cute boy asked for my number. Things are going well. Since letting go of some old grudges and being more open and friendly (and new found sobriety is amazing too! So much clarity---for the record I wasn't an alcoholic, but haven't had ANY drinks at all for 27 days) I have really discovered the amazing conversations you can have with people, and more importantly this month, boys.

I found that with this new found "c'est la vie" attitude, I haven't been AS disappointed when things didn't work out the way I had hoped. There was a guy, we'll call him Marky Mark, that I was hoping would come to my birthday party and not only did he not show, he didn't even wish me a Happy Birthday! Normally I would have been pretty bummed out but I was like "Oh well!" Also, my ex boyfriend Ryan, also didn't acknowledge my birthday, after I was very nice to him on his just 2 short weeks ago. Again, it's disappointing that someone who used to be such an important part of your life can't even take the time to wish you a happy next year of your life. But there were a lot of reasons Ryan and I ended. His inability to be there for others was a big one. This comes as no surprise and I'm not that upset because I was surrounded by the most amazing people on my birthday. 13 of my closest friends that are like family, all celebrating me. I was spoiled, and I am very blessed.

Now we return to E, the boy I like that lives in Regina, SK. Soo....Kirby told me that if I was going to continue to talk with E in the hopes that something would happen between us, I had to grow a pair and be more honest with E. So I did! I brought up the possibility of him coming here for the summer, instead of traveling or staying in Regina, as was two of his original plans. He was very receptive and seemed interested in the idea. However, E is a.....flight risk. This isn't the first time we've made plans like this. I don't know if he bails because he's nervous, or worried about what MAY happen...or if he's just not that into me? I've given E several opportunities to let things just fizzle away between us, but he always seems to come back and re-kindle the so called flame. I am really in to him but will need to see some sort of commitment before I call off my search for the perfect lova. :) Perhaps E is as "I wonder what she thinks?" as I am about him. So i'm going to try and be really open over the next few weeks and tell him how I feel.
Girl- We should be together!
Boy- I agree. mwah mwah mwah (kissing)

That's how it goes in my mind........

.....stay tuned!

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