Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Authentic Self - End of Month Summary

Boo you whore authentic self.  This month was hard.  It started out as fun month, which I scrapped and replaced with authentic self/pursue your passion.  I guess it is kind of unreasonable to think I would make epic changes in the remaining two weeks.  I really struggled with motivation this month, my head was not in it.  It's okay to have a couple bad weeks or an off month, but what I really want is an ON month, kick ass epic month(s).  I often think about this infomercial for P90X (which was amazeballs and caused me to purchase it).  People apply themselves, work out, like really work out 6 days a week for 90 days, 3 months, and completely transform their bodies.  After 3 months they look like different people, that's epic life changing shit.  So I'm always thinking, what would happen if I really went all out with my monthly goals, what would happen?  I have bursts of inspiration and then a bad day where I'm tired and lazy and don't care.  If for a month, or 3, I really got in the zone and really applied myself, no flaking out, no cheating on my happiness resolutions.  Even as I type this I know that perfection is impossible, and knowing myself bad days are inevitable.  

Turning off the TV has been a great discovery.  It's hard, TV is a seductive little tramp, and it'll be even harder when we're back at full capacity once Melissa returns from her vacation, but I think it's important and am going to turn it off whenever I can and will encourage the roomies to as well.

I made some slight improvements in my budget.  I reduced my random spending by about $50 and cut buying meals down by $70.  I also contributed more to savings than usual this month.  I think this is significant on a tight budget because I didn't have a lot of extra money to begin with so there wasn't any ridiculous spending I needed to cut out. 

I printed out a bunch of pictures I like and taped them to the side of the fridge so I can look at it when sitting at the kitchen table.  Ta daa make-shift office with inspiration board.  

So, I spent most of this month trying to figure out my roadblocks, reading about procrastination, forcing myself to sit in silence in the apartment to get stuff done.  My hope is that next month we can start pushing past them and have more success with my goals.

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