Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pay Attention - End of Month Summary

Mindfulness was okay.  I didn't have any big epiphanies about life.  Did really well with my tutorials for a week and a half of my two week goal and then fell off with them.  Writing in my journal wasn't a habit that I found a good system for, but I did record several dreams and are much more aware of them and make a conscious effort to try and remember them in the mornings.

I still want to take a class, the one I wanted to take wasn't offered in this cycle of classes so I'll check back.

I'm still keeping all my receipts, trying to live mostly on cash, and recording my spending into a budget.  I'm still spending too much on lunches and snacks.

The weather has been so back and forth, nice one day, snowing the next.  There's something about the onset of summer that feels full of promise.  As a person strongly affected by their moods, who's moods are strongly affected by the seasons, I feel optimistic that the summer will help the upcoming months be some of the most effective ones yet.

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