Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On the Hunt... For Blogs

With J on holidays this week and a temp here part days to more or less cover my lunch break, I have been very bored.  I’ve been taking advantage of my time sitting at J’s desk to do some internet research.  At the front, people walk beside/behind me 50 times a day, everything I’m working on is highly visible and working on non-work stuff is frowned upon.
I’ve been searching for new blogs.  This, my friends, is extremely hard.  I can find lots of interesting and worthwhile blogs, but I’m looking for certain types.  I want bloggers who are also on a personal development quest, someone interested in writer/being a writer, is humorous, relatable and posts on a somewhat regular basis.
Turns out this is hard because:
The ways that I have discovered to find blogs so far leaves much to be desired.  It’s like the internet doesn’t want me to find them.
Blogs are categorized in very general and often misleading ways.
Anything categorized under personal development usually has an obnoxiously upbeat, preachy, rainbows and sunshine quotes, and impersonal third person advice.
Fitness is a lot of the same stuff too.  The tricky part is finding someone who is at a similar place in their fitness journey.  Sometimes you’ll find a blog by an established trainer giving tips, or workout suggestions.  I really want to find someone who is finding ways to workout, stay motivated and have fun with it.  A lot of “exercise” blogs are just personal blogs with a bit of exercise thrown in.
Cooking blogs.  No real complaints, except that there are too many delicious and temping sites that are 90% baking.  So it’s all sweets, and cookies, and pies.  Amazing, but I’m looking for more lunch and dinner ideas.

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  1. Hi! I just started reading not too long ago, although now I can't remember how I stumbled on your blog. Maybe it was through 20sb.
    Anyway, it can be really tough to find good new blogs. I recommend that when you do find a blog you like, look through their blog roll (if they have one) and see who they recommend. A lot of times, the blogs they recommend are similar to their own.