Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mmm Breakfast

I do love me some breakfast.  

Breakfast is hands down my favorite meal, next in line would be candy meal… but I have had to go on an extended vacation from candy meal.  You might say I took her to a farm where she has lots of room to run and play.  I’ve decided that if I want to eat sweets I need to make them myself.  Melissa tells me this is a dumb idea because now I’m going to be eating all that extra butter and white flour, but I fire back saying that candy is accessible, I eat it every day, I’m not about to bake a cake every day.  Mel then gives me one of those looks and goes back to what she’s doing.  Mostly I think she doesn’t want me to make some delicious dessert and then leave it on the counter to tempt her.  Whether it’s any better for me or not I think it will reduce the frequency of my sugar intake. 

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