Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Early Bird

Today, 6 days in, the first day after the long weekend and I overslept.  I think I dragged myself out of bed at 8:15 when I had to work at 9.  Luckily I only live about a 20 minute walk/10 minute train ride from work so it’s still possible to be on time.  What wasn’t possible was keeping my resolutions that morning; my first act that morning was to put a big red X through my resolution to wake up at 7.  As I looked around the room I thought, “You’re unorganized”.  I was supposed to get up and take the dog out first thing, clearly that wasn’t happening.  I was supposed to make breakfast at home, so I threw a banana in my bad as a last ditch effort to salvage some of my morning routine.  I hadn’t taken the time to pick out an outfit the night before, nor had I made myself something for lunch.  I scrambled to throw together something to eat, if I didn’t eat breakfast and didn't make myself something for lunch I couldn’t justify giving myself credit for the resolutions to eat healthy meals.
Due to the time crunch I was in that morning I took the train since it’s faster than walking.  I thought my days would feel very go-go-go with all the walking and working out, but taking the dog for her walk in the morning left only my workout for the evening.  It’s a great feeling to be walking home from work and realize the dog has already gone for her walk today and that some extra time in the evening is available. Except that today I overslept so I’d have to go for a huge walk with the dog after work to make up for not walking to work, and I’d have to work out which would make my evening feel very full. 
As I was walking up to the train, half asleep and feeling totally grumpy the importance of this month’s goal was obvious to me.  My attitude was horrible as I made my way to work, had anyone tried to talk to me I probably would’ve ignored them, not that anyone would’ve approached me I’m sure the sour look on my face was enough to keep people away.  Next month is about attitude, and I’m sure it will be a lot easier to smile and say hello if I’m not half asleep and ready to rip someone’s head off.  Also, by not accomplishing some of my fitness goals in the morning and having to spend extra time in the evening made me feel resentful of my resolutions.  A routine is very important; I don’t want my life to feel consumed by my resolutions to boost energy.  As I add in more and more resolutions I’m going to need the extra time in the evenings to work on those so I simply have to get my mornings running smoothly.

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