Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Tonight I am going to hot yoga.  One night throughout the week I go to hot yoga at Tri-Yoga.  I will be going to the Yang-Yin class.  The first half is traditional hot yoga and the second half is a much slower pace with a focus on increasing flexibility, holding the postures for a longer period of time.
Every Sunday I go to Karma Yoga at Yoga Passage which costs an enormous sum of $2.00.  This class has been very busy the past couple weeks which makes me nervous that it will be packed all winter.  I like the cost, but I don’t like being in a room so packed that you have to stagger your mats so that you don’t smack arms with the person beside you when doing poses.  I keep trying to get a picture at hot yoga but the room is like a sauna and the pictures keep coming out blurry so here are a few from Karma yoga.yoga2

I quite enjoy going to yoga.  I like going to a class where someone tells you what to do, and then when you feel like you can’t hold a certain pose long enough you look over and see someone twice your age doing it and you think oh crap well now I have to.  If Karma yoga gets too busy to be enjoyable I will have to look into doing some other sort of class once in a while.

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