Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I....have a serious attitude problem. It's "Attitude Adjustment" month for Kirby and I....and I am 5 days in and already struggling.

My Attitude month started off quite differently than my dear Kirbster. October 1st was a Friday, my favourite day of the week. I came into work that morning revitalized and ready to take on this new project!!! I was positive throughout the day and when my co-workers made negative or sarcastic comments I would try to counter it with SOMETHING (i.e. WELL...at least she called us back eventually and didn't end up on the 'island of lost candidates'-people who never, ever, return your call-) That evening I went to my girl friend Karlee's house and watched the Football game and we had good- GOSSIP FREE- conversations and chatted about life and it was really nice.

....with that being said....I have been really struggling with my attitude since. Work gets stressful and I freak out at least once a day. Today I caught myself swearing SO much. I am a big swearer. And mostly because I'm embarrassed to sound like a trailer park trucker most of the time, I really want to change this. Also, I can't imagine boys find it attractive that I can pair most normal words with fuck, fucker, fucking christ or mother fucking. In all fairness to me, it's a very versatile word....right? Ugh. I've been trying my best recently but today I definitely lost it. I swore a lot, I was impatient, I complained about how tired I was, I was sarcastic, I even vented to my poor Regina friend Eric, who was none the wiser being an enabler because he had no idea about my Happiness Project. Then I came home and complained to Kirby, complained to my manicurist, and didn't go to the gym. BLAH.

SO....from this day forward I will be making myself more accountable. I told Kirby's boyfriend about my goals, I FINALLY grew some balls and told Eric about my Project (he didn't think I was a weirdo...plus one!) so he can remind me too. Andddd i'm going to state my October goals on my blog here so that I put it out in the open FOR all to see.

October...let's go ATTITUDE!
- no swearing
- be MORE patient
- be less judgmental- you don't know other people's stories
- be less pessimistic
- be more understanding
- counter others' negative comments with positive ones
- smile when you walk into a room
- don't sigh...your life is good
- deep breaths

There we go...now you are all aware and can stare at me blankly when I'm failing.

-Mel....the tude-tard

P.S. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Kirby for negatively affecting her Happiness Project by falling asleep on the couch and not helping her bring her groceries up. In compliance with people not being able to read her mind, I suggest she tell us before she go to the store that she will need help later and to keep our phones on "loud". :) haha LOVE YOU KIRBY

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