Monday, October 4, 2010

Rough Start

Attitude month got off to a rocky start.  I thought I was doing a good job preparing for it, printing out a new monthly resolutions chart and writing a draft of my end and start of the month blog posts on time.  As Thursday night approached I felt a little caught off guard when I realized that I would have new resolutions to do the next day, I think what I forgot to do was mentally prepare myself.  I went through the day not really thinking about my attitude resolutions. 

It seems I need to be constantly thinking about my attitude resolutions.  At the end of the day on Friday I went to check off some resolutions and discovered I didn’t do this one, or that one, in fact, it hadn’t even crossed my mind to do some of them.  A lot of these things are unnatural to me, and I had missed several opportunities to do them.  Even over this past weekend I have found that giving compliments is very difficult for me.  I have also realized that I am a huge complainer.  I hummed and hawed over whether or not to give myself credit for not gossiping or ranting one day because even through I technically did not rant on any one thing, I made a ton of small complaints about a lot of small things.  I helped my boyfriend move Friday evening and was less than positive during the experience; I complained about starting to move stuff into their new place at 8pm at night, I made it clear that I was displeased with the boys nonchalant attitude about the pace at which they moved.  I complained to Flash about how annoying it was to share building passes and parkade keys now that he lived in another building and I complained when Flash and Mel were both too busy napping on the couches to answer their phones and come help me carry groceries leaving me to haul 11 bags up 9 floors by myself… to name a few.

I don’t think I really rant or gossip all that much.  Well I do, but it’s not a daily occurrence or anything.  I do however, complain a lot every day.  The ranting only really occurs when something ridiculous happens or when I am talking to someone I don’t talk to all that often.  So… I have decided (deep breath) to add no complaining to my resolutions.  (Anxiety attack ensues when I realize the enormity of this task and that it’s impossibly hard and that I will fail and that if by some miracle of epic proportions I don’t fail I’ll probably end up a soulless robot because who am I without my sarcastic pessimistic attitude)

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