Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MID-OCTOBER....never ending!

Okayyyy. Mid October and....I am struggling. There are few points on my Attitude Adjustment that I am doing really well with!!! I have absolutely cut my swearing in half. I save my F BOMBS for reallllly good when I stub my knee or toe on Slone's doggie fence that blocks her from my room. ARG.

I am also doing a great job I think at being nicer TO people. When people drop things, I grab it for them. I've been smiling more to strangers and trying to smile at my co-workers when I walk past them at work. My teammates at work were really helping me out be repeating "happiness happiness happiness!!!" when they saw me getting frustrated. So AT work....attitude adjustments were made and I think I was all around more positive, most notably in the mornings. :)

So....the problems started when I got home- Kirby beats me- haha JUST KIDDING. I had no idea how much I bottled up throughout my day and completely unloaded on either Kirby, Karlee, Lindsey or Stephanie (my serious partners in crime). I would complain about something that happened at work, something someone did on the way home (For I was walking home from work during rush hour, decked out in a Coach purse, a cute skirt suit and a burberry scarf, and a semi homeless man yelled at me "THIS CHICK'S POOR!" and pointed in my face, in the middle of the street......yah.) I lie on the coach when I get home, and complain about how tired I am. I really need to stop....everyone's tired!!! I need to stop using Kirby as a dumping ground.
Okay next...boys. I've been dating....and they're driving me NUTS! I feel like there's this bizarre game, and i didn't get my copy of the rules or something!? So i've been seeking much friend advice. OH that's another thing....i've managed to turn losing my shit...into "seeking advice". I've managed to trick myself into being able to gossip freely.

SOOO I stand here in front of y'all and vow. I will STOP swearing, I will continue to smile, I will stop dumping, I will stop VENTING, and for the time being and until I get to "romance" month....I will stop dating. My patience levels aren't up high enough yet.

I sign off with the following: Attitude is everything. Misery Loves Company. I can't wait until November. I may be a bit of a bitch...but I am damn cute.


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