Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Whenever I picture the week of extreme nice in my head I see a 50’s Stepford wife dancing around her house, but instead of a partner she holds a big chocolate cake in her outstretched arms.

This week hasn’t felt very extreme.  I can think of lots of things that I could buy for Flash, but I feel like the point of this week isn’t gifts.  It’s extreme nice week not Hanukkah (and the fact that Christmas is coming up makes me even less inclined to spend much money on presents).

So far I have given Flash a Starbuck’s gift card, bought him breathe right strips, mailed him an I love you card, cleared out a drawer in my dresser for him, bought him diet coke at the grocery store and made him lunch for work.  I also got him a season of a show he likes and will probably give it to him tonight.  None of these things are very extreme.  Gretchen’s husband didn’t seem to notice when he was the recipient of her week of extreme nice but she ended up deciding that was a good thing because it meant her behavior didn’t seem all that out of the ordinary. 

It doesn’t bother me that Flash hasn’t noticed this week is special because I don’t feel like I’m really going all out.  I probably could have made a bigger production out of how I game him things to get a bigger reaction.  Done goofy things like put little bows on presents I bought or doing a little Ta-Daa! song and dance when I gave him something but I’m working on not expecting praise/appreciation so I’m almost trying to downplay my efforts.  Flash has excellent manners and always make sure to mention things and thank me for them.  He called me as soon as he got his card in the mail to let me know it made his day.

So it’s been good.  I haven’t got the same sense of accomplishment I got from my weekly goal of trying a new recipe every night, but I still feel successful in my efforts.  I think it’s nice to give little non-practical gifts once in a while for no reason.

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