Monday, November 15, 2010

Week of Extreme Nice Relationship Edition and Mid Month Recap

The first couple weeks of relationship month have been interesting.  I think there are still some dots that I'm not connecting. I mentioned previously that I have had a couple situations where I realized that I should probably just let of what was bothering me go, because it wasn't really a big deal, but couldn't.  Knowing that I should let something go doesn't seem to be enough, I think maybe I need to better understand why it has upset me in the first place. You know, try to solve the root of the problem not just the symptoms.

The past week has been very up and down. My affirmations and extreme nice game have been going pretty well, I got a massage as part of my resolution to do something extra for look good feel good and I’ve been doing my yoga twice a week.  I bought a deal for 12 boot camp sessions for $20 so hopefully having a different type of class will inspire me to incorporate the gym back into my routine.  My relationship resolutions have been sporadic so I'm going to try another weekly goal to get myself back on track and be more consistent.

Shanghai Starbucks by Jian Shuo Wang

So this week is my week of extreme nice – relationship edition.  The goal is to make the effort to go the extra mile in appreciation and proofs of love.  I started it off by attaching a Starbucks gift card to Flash’s steering wheel last night so that he would find it this morning when he went to work.  I have little gifts planned for the week and I’m going to try extra hard to be perfect with my resolutions.

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