Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflecting Back on 2010 – One Word Resolution

I found this site called Reverb 10, and for the month of December they give a prompt (idea to think about in regards to the past year) for every day of the month.  The very first prompt is called One Word.  What you do is think of a single word or very short phrase that encapsulates the past year and then you choose one that you want be your 2011 word.  For example I have seen some people use RELAX, or FREE TIME as their 2011 word.  It’s kind of like a new years resolution but just one word, like an overall intention.  Nicoleisbetter, a blogger I follow decided that her word for 2010 would be OWNERSHIP, and her word for 2011 would be INTENTION.  Gretchen also did this on her blog and her word for 2011 was BIGGER.  So I started thinking about what my word would be.

For 2010 my word would be LIMBO.  The definition for it is a state of uncertainty.  I spent most of the year waiting for things to happen.  Waiting for my job to get busier and be more enjoyable.  Waiting for Flash’s job to do the same.  Waiting for answers, waiting for change, waiting for opportunities.  A state of uncertainty sums it up perfectly and so does this: limbo sucks balls. 

So what about next year.  I thought about QUEST, or BE HERE NOW (to get out of my head and live in the moment), I debated using FOLLOW THROUGH (to drive me to a high standard of completion on happiness project ideas), another word I thought was TRY (to put more effort in whatever I’m doing and to try new things) and my runner up word was CONSISTENCY.  I’m going to make a list of these words as personal commandments.

I’ve decided my word for 2011 is going to be CREATE.  I like it because it works on several levels.  To me its overall meaning is create your life.  On a smaller scale I want to literally make stuff.  I am a creative person at heart and pursued a design degree.  Even though I work in a design office I find the bulk of my work doesn’t feel very creative.  I do a lot of architectural drafting and to me that’s more technical than creative.  I want to incorporate creativity back into my life.  I used to really enjoy making things when I was younger but my stressful and competitive university experience didn’t leave me a lot of free time to pursue non-school related projects.  I feel like my creative side is a missing part of me and I want to get back into sketching and become better at certain computer programs.  Making cool shit = happier.

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