Friday, December 10, 2010

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Friend month, so far so good.  I have sent a lengthy email to some of my friends, others cards, others texts.  My birthday was this past Tuesday so between texting and Facebook I briefly made contact with a ton of people.  I spoke to my grandparents and parents on the phone and went out for dinner with 5 of my friends, one of which I rarely ever see even though we live in the same city.  Emailing has been good, I feel more connected with several people.  This was a good month to do friends and family because between birthdays, holiday parties and the actual holiday itself I haven’t had to go out of my way to plan social events, I’ve simply had to agree to go to them. 

Also, this month I attended a housewarming get together for a friend of Flash, tonight I am going to a birthday party for another of Flash’s friends and tomorrow I am attending a Christmas party in which a lot of Flash’s friends will be attending.  This is me being very social.  Next weekend I have another Christmas get together with girls, I’ll be spending Christmas at home with my family (I will be doing the 11 hour drive home with a friend of mine), on boxing day there is a big social in my hometown that most everyone who’s home goes to, and shortly after that is New Years. I think my friends and family goals will be more of a challenge in the new year when big events aren’t so frequent and I have to make the plans.

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