Monday, January 24, 2011

Reaching Out...touching me....touching you!

Family month is coming along nicely.
I had another call with my Dad last night. We discussed the Superbowl whilst watching the Steelers/Jets game. I'm a Steelers girl myself so I was really excited about their lead! Of course Steelers made me think of the Penguins and we discussed Sidney's concussion and how worried we both are that he's been out for a month, and has opted out of the All-Star game! We need him to return, as the Pens have now dropped out of their number 1 spot, AND Malkin is injured. UGH. We also talked about work and the big appointments we both have this week, and my trip to Whistler commencing this weekend. Chatted about our weekend, all in all a great little convo! This conversation felt less forced than the last one, which leads me to believe the "dad only" phone calls are an amazing idea and should absolutely keep going not just throughout the Happiness Project but for the rest of life! I told my Dad about next month (the dreaded love month)...I don't think he was AS interested in that topic as he was NFL, NHL and work haha.

I have not received any "reach out" responses back yet, but that's okay. Not everyone is as avid with emails/facebooking as my family is. Chatting more often with my cousin Ashlie has been good. She's fun, and by the sounds of it coudl definitely keep up with the Lemieux/Nadeau way of partying!

No word from my sister this weekend but she was on a bbm chat a little bit so that was fun! I'll try calling her before I go to Whistler on Friday!
My nagging tasks list has not all. Kirby did force me to tackle the suitcases/boxes in the storage closet to make room for Flash to move in. He is part of my family now and so far, so good! I really enjoy having Flash around. I find him absolutely hilarious so i'm laughing A LOT these days which is nice because my work days are usually very busy and stressful. We have a lot in common and can watch everything from NFL Sunday, to Pens games, to The Bachelor! haha. Kirby made a comment yesterday that we very much act like brother and sister and I think it's very true. I never had a brother, and I think Flash is definitely in brother territory. I love him so. He is messy haha, but something that I think will start to be corrected as he is emmersed more into Kirby and I's lifestyles. At least he's stopped leaving lights on (my biggest pet peeve ever) and he's been closing cupboards too! I think it will take some slow grooming. I'm letting Kirby mostly take the reins on that, the last thing I want is Flash to feel like he has ANOTHER girl friend he has to please haha.

Feeling good about my family, our connections, my love for them and all things happiness!!!

I sincerely hope I can keep up this optimism in 8 days when I start working on my Male Relationships. Hate hate hate hate hate.


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