Monday, January 10, 2011


Sometimes I struggle a lot with the big questions in life. 

Sometimes I over think. 

Sometimes I feel like the weight of my potential will crush me.

Sometimes I feel like an epic failure.

Sometimes I feel like everyone is more successful, makes more money, is more in love, has more fun, is smarter and more talented than me.

Sometimes I think that society has made it impossible to ever feel truly happy or satisfied.
(Sometimes I think that I need to lay off the celebrity gossip and Facebook when this thinking occurs)

Sometimes I want change.
Sometimes I am scared of change.

Sometimes life throws you a bone and you feel like the universe is taking care of you.
(When typing this into Google to make sure that is was a real saying and not something I made up I typed: When life throws you a b and Google gave me the option of curveball when life throws you a brain tumor)

Sometimes I think everything is going to work out.
(Or at least I did until I realized how common brain tumors are since Google is suggesting I search it)

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