Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am killing my 'Family' month for the Happiness Project. Last Sunday I called my dad. The process of getting my Dad on the phone was hilarious.

Mom- "Hello Melissa!"
Me- "Hi Mum, can I talk to Dad?"
Mom- "You don't want to talk to me? Ohhhh is this Dad's phone call?!"
Me- "Yes."
Mom- "Do you have something to say to him?"
Me- "Yes I do! I have exciting news actually i'm excited to talk to him!"
Mom- "Well what's the news? I want to know!"
Me- "Well it's DAD'S news Mom, he can tell you after I get off the phone!"
Mom- "Well is it something I would want to know!?"
Me- "No not really, it will be so-so interesting to you, but very interesting to him."
Mom- "Ooookay! haha"
(Internal thought- gatekeeper much? haha Just kidding Mom you're hilar)

My mom is the information hub of the family, I knew it must have been secretly killing her that Dad was about to find something before her. Alas, my Dad had already picked up the phone and was awaiting his phone time.
*For everyone beyond curious about what the news was, it was that via my slightly hungover Sunday of watching nothing but '24/7: Capitals Penguins Road to the Winter Classic on HBO, I realized that a friend of mine from high school, who once crashed at my house after a party, and dated my best friend Laura, now plays for the Washington Capitals. GO GORDO!!!!

Anyways, my Dad and I had a great chat, spanning about 12 minutes in length. I ran by him something that happened at work that week and he gave me really good advice that I will absolutely take forward and learn from. The thing I always forget, or I guess just don't really pay attention to, about Moe Moe (short for Morley) is that he is a very successful business man! He has a lot of knowledge and experience to share and these kinds of things are so good to bounce of him. Of course we also chatted hockey, and our shared love for Sidney Crosby, as that is something we can ALWAYS fall back on :)
Anyone who tries to claim that OVI is a better hockey player does not stand a chance against us...so don't even try. SID THE KID FOR LIFE!

Also in compliance with my Happiness Project, I send my first "reach out" email to a family member I wanted to re-connect with. I started off with Tracy Harriman, probably because I have seen Tracy a bit over the years and felt like it was a good warm opening and would probably be received well. I am most nervous to reach out to Ches, mostly because I don't want to end up looking/sounding like an idiot. But I'm really excited too!

I don't know how to chat with my sister more, as she is electronically retarded and doesn't answer bbm (BlackBerry messenger) and is always at Turbokick and therefore also doesn't answer the phone. Arg. I will keep trying :)

All in all, I feel great. New Year. New Goals. New Gym gear (thanks Jenn!) and feeling good about mind, body and spirit. I am absolutely DREADING "love" month at this point. I've managed to wiggle myself into a weird place with boys---but we will chat about that next month! Muahaha. No dirt for now!
Do you think Kirby will let me substitute "love" month for my "nagging tasks" month (I absolutely suck at to-do lists, Kirby drools at the thought of them). Nahhh,I guess it is important that I start working on attracting the right people, stop dating assholes, and eventually procreate (wayyyyyy down the line Mom, relax). My genes are just too good not to ;) <---My confidence level has not been affected in the making of this Happiness Project.

Another successful mid-month update. Yay!!!


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