Monday, January 31, 2011

Work – End of Month Summary

I’m going to go ahead and give work month a passing grade.  If nothing else, finding a new job within the month is grounds for successful resolution completion.  I’ve been doing alright on my tutorials.  My two week goal will be completed in three, not too shabby.

I still need to come up with some of my own projects to create with Illustrator.  I thought maybe I’d make some of my own greeting cards, or have a party so that I can make invitations.  I also thought maybe I’d do a designer resume.  I think colorful design-y resumes are frowned upon in the majority of the working world but whatever world, you don’t own me!  I also thought I should just make some random stuff in a ‘look what I can do’ type way and make a portfolio of non-school related stuff.  These ideas are all fine and good but I need to work them through a bit more.  It’ll be easier to apply what I’ve learned to my projects if I’m keeping an eye out for applicable tricks before hand.  It’s better to watch a video and see that I could use that to do this, instead of later on being like oh hey I saw something… which one of the 300 videos I watched was it in…?

I’m not sure I’m any closer to figure out my life’s passion or what type of work I should be doing, but hopefully the new job will set me up to be more successful in money month with saving, etc.  Not sure if this new job will be a step forward, it feels more like a step sideways right now.  Trying to be positive anyway,  if I hate my job at least it pays better and I’ll feel less apprehensive about change now that I know I can do it.

This month has shown me how quickly things can change.  I’ve been humming and hawing over making a job change for a while and with Melissa’s shoving the papers in my face and making me do it persistent encouragement I made a huge change in only a few weeks.

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