Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Re-invent Your Wardrobe

A while ago I proposed a set of resolutions called look good feel good in which I planned on putting more effort into my appearance on a daily basis.  Picking outfits out the night before instead of shlubbing on whatever was most warm and comfortable looking in the morning, wearing makeup, using hair products and styling my hair, etc.  This was a short lived and unsuccessful resolution.  I think I got a massage and did a couple spa type things, maybe a pedicure but I didn’t do much in regard to my daily appearance.  This was largely influence by the time requirement in the morning to do hair and makeup properly.  Mornings, my eternal nemesis. 

The other influence, I think, was that I didn’t really care what I looked like.  Meaning, there was no benefit to looking cute.  I work in a small design office with 4 other people.  Seeing as I’m in a relationship I obviously have no interest in anyone I work with but just to clarify, two of them are married, one is gay and the other guy has a girlfriend.  Also, I don’t deal with the public at my job.  I’ll take some phone calls, but we’re a small office and I never have to see people other than my co workers.  It’s the kind of office where it’s not unusual for someone to wear jeans on Wednesday.

That’s all fine and good.  As I start thinking about starting my new job I can’t help but start thinking about a fresh start.  Go in there and be positive and make this a good change.  I can’t think of a better way to put a little spring in my step than new clothes!  As a congratulations my mother has offered to get me some new work clothes, yay! 

I have been allowing myself to do some online window shopping, something I try not to do because it makes me depressed.  Size wise, I’m actually quite similar to most mannequins.  Maybe not in muscle tone of plasticity but in general proportions.  So when I go into a store I take careful note of what the mannequins are wearing.  As Sandra Bullock would say, “Is this me?”  or as Kirby re-inventing her wardrobe would say, “Could this be me?”

I feel like February 14 is the January 1 of my new look good feel good fresh start.  I’m making bold statements in my head of putting more energy into cute outfits, giving my hair that extra 15 minutes, wearing more than mascara, using my accessories on a regular basis.  I’ll have to get up earlier for my job, so why not try and start this required morning change with good habits.  Establish for myself that the minimum time need from wake up to work is no longer 20 minutes.

It’s not going to be easy breezy, getting up and getting to work an hour earlier than I do currently will be extremely hard for me.  I’m a grouch in the morning and Flash and Melissa avoid me like the plague prior to 10am.  Meh, if I’m going to be tired and grumpy I might as well look good.

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