Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March - Authentic Self

A friend of mine suggested I stick with fun month, prove I can champion it. 
There are three main things working against fun month:

- the freezing cold makes me not want to leave my house
- money month has made it clear that I can’t afford anything much in terms of entertainment and so I feel resentful of having to spend money on something that I don’t really feel like doing
- I absolutely 100% do not feel like it.  I get where my friend is coming from, but I know myself, I know that I will half ass this month and won’t have fun with it.  

I think it’s best to be true to myself, to be Kirby, that it’s okay to change my mind about things because it’s my project and to do what I think is best for me right now.  So, I have decided to do the remaining three weeks of this month on Pursue Your Passion/Authentic Self.  I’m still in a work/money mindset so I think authentic self month relates to this best because I want to pursue a passion that will one day relate to what I do for a living and I believe I can do these things at little to no cost. 
So my goals are going to relate to my work month goals in that I’d like to get back to doing my tutorials and actually use my skills to make things.  I need to get past this hump of learning but not doing.  The doing is the fun part.  I used to do my tutorials at work, but now that isn’t an option.  I know that I can't do them at home; there are too many distractions at home, too many options of other things I can be doing so I’ve thought up a couple options.  I could go to work early, take my laptop and do my tutorials before I start work.  Let’s say an hour a day, for 3 days a week.  Flash leaves much earlier than me so I could get him to drop me off on his way to work.  The added incentive is that I get a ride to work instead of my usual train and walk combo.  The downside is getting up earlier and the possibility that my day may end up feeling extremely long.  My other thought was that I take my laptop and go and sit in a Starbucks and do a couple hours of tutorials.  Maybe I do one weeknight, and then Sunday morning or something to that effect.  I doubt mornings would work, judging from my tumultuous past with the AM, but I do know that I need to find a place outside of the apartment to do them.  Either before or after work at work is something I’m seriously considering because I like to use two screens to do my tutorials; one to watch on and one to do the work on.  Otherwise I’m always pausing and flipping between screens.  After work might be a do able option for right now when it’s cold, but in the summer I’m going to want to get home right after work and walk the dog.
As part of my authentic self I want to do things that I used to enjoy when I was young.  I used to draw, which I never do anymore, I used to read, which I have been getting back into, really just getting in touch with my artistic side more.  I think a lot of people who have jobs they are passionate about can trace their career path back to their childhood.  I was thinking my lunch hour would be a good time to do some of these things, it's outside my apartment, a set amount of time so I can't submit to other distractions.  I could do say, 45 minutes of tutorials during my lunch hour on the 'personal' computer upstairs, or I could spend my break sketching or reading (which I do currently).  My goal for is to start producing things and maybe posting them on the blog or mailing them to friends or both. 

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