Friday, April 8, 2011

I Like Learnding

I have decided to create a goal for myself with my tutorials.  The advanced section of what I’m currently teaching myself is 14 hours and 53 minutes of tutorials.  In each set of tutorials the time in broken down into categories /subjects and in this advanced section the nearly 15 hours are broken into exactly 10 categories.  So my goal is to do 5 categories a week and complete this set of tutorials in 2 weeks, starting this weekend April 9, and ending the weekend of April 23/24.  This is an ambitious goal for me.  In my book on procrastination it says that it’s better to aim for something that you consider to be challenging than something you consider easy, or attainable.  My two week goal will require me to do 1 - 2+ hours of tutorials 5 days a week.  This doesn’t leave much room for slacking off as doing two hours of tutorials in an evening would eat up a considerable amount of my night.  I know that I can really only stand to do tutorials for about an hour before I need a break.  And leaving too many hours until the weekend would require a marathon session of tutorials which I know doesn’t work for me.  Doing 2 hours an evening is pushing it.  Not because I can’t focus on a single task for that long, but because I find the tutorials to be too slow at times, this is disengaging.
I plan on taking notes while I do my tutorials, and will follow along with all the videos, meaning I will do everything they do instead of just watching them do it.  The note taking should help keep me engaged, and will probably make me retain the information better.

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