Friday, April 8, 2011


A little late getting to my April Mindfulness blog. I went to Mexico and was there for the beginning of the month, then when I got back I caught some sort of ridiculous Mexican flu which left me absolutely dead for 4 days. I can't remember the last time I was that sick, ALAS, i'm alive and ready to BLOG IT OUT.

Kirby and I happen to have picked the same thing this month so it should be interesting to see how we go about the same thing a different way.
For me, mindfulness is being aware of what makes my mind think differently than others. What do I believe in? What makes me aware? What do I pick up on? What affects me? I find myself leaning towards spirituality in this section. I've decided that for Mindfulness i'm going to amp up my yoga sessions. I feel most at inner peace and calm when i'm a practicing yogi. I'm also going to give going to Catholic Church a go (again) with my friend Karlee. I grew up very Catholic and found the rules and not doing things "because the Bible says so" really pissed me off. I was a rebellion as it was, and this was something I could easily turn my back on. I get apprehensive and fidgety in Church, but I'm going to go with Karlee and see if God and Catholicism is something that makes me feel good. My Mom and Sister tell me that when they leave Church they just feel GOOD inside. Perhaps if I give Church a legit try and see what happens, i'll enjoy it to. I've also god the Dali Lama on CD. I don't have a CD player other than in my car so this task may prove difficult, but I want to see what he has to say.
I'm also committing to meditating before bed. This is to help with my anxiety disorder, that has been recently diagnosed. Turns out i'm a bit paranoid and this is supposed to help me relieve the tensions of the day, let it all go. I'm also going to finish the book my mother gave me on finding inner peace and keeping a sense of calm about out. This should also help with the anxiety, which i'm happy to report is actually going really well lately!

I'm excited for the exploring this month will bring. I feel like i'll get some more guidance as to what I believe in. I know there's gotta be something bigger than us.....i'm just not sure if it's a bearded spirit who is will return to judge the living and the dead...? We shall see! AMEN!

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