Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pretty Bird

Some of the blogs I read regularly (can be found by clicking on my name on the left hand side of the screen under contributors) are just lovely I decided.  For the most part they are collections of beautiful things.  Simple, pretty, feminine things.  Someone finds several things that they find beautiful and inspiring and post them on their blog.  I'm sure I am oversimplifying the process of finding and showcasing these images yes, but in theory the concept is simple.

I love these visual blogs, and mine is so... wordy.  I'd like to start incorporating visuals into the blog again.  Well, what I'd really like is a new camera because mine broke a week after the warranty expired.  But I don't just want any camera, I want a good one.  I'm interested in photography, but my camera is broken and it wasn't exactly a photography camera it was more of a oh my god the lighting in this picture is making me look like something that lives under a bridge and eats children camera.

That's not nice Kirby, Flash gave you that camera.  
In all fairness he only got that camera because it was identical to his and he had lost his charger and wanted to use mine even though he never uses his camera and eventually found his charger.
Okay, fine... Maybe you and Melissa should put some pictures of yourself up on the blog, don't your readers want to know what you look like?
Uh, you mean my mom.  She knows what I look like.

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