Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strike a Pose

I adore fashion.  I don’t care as much for runway fashion, I mean, I think it’s fantastic but I’m obviously never going to wear any it because a lot of it isn’t made to be worn, it’s art, and the stuff that you can find in a Holt Renfrew or whatever is crazy expensive.  Some runway fashion is ready to wear stuff, but a lot of the high end stuff isn’t.  I love clothes.  If I won the lottery, after paying off my debt, one of the first things I’d do would be buy a new wardrobe.  I really love sites online that cater to budget friendly outfits.  The look for less, or sites like The Cheap Chicas Guide to Style, are great.  In Calgary, we have lots of H&Ms, Zara, Forever21, which are great places to get stylish stuff for good prices.  I also like looking online as ASOS, but never buy anything because I'm paranoid I'll get the wrong size.   I think clothes are an important part of the Happiness Project in terms of look good, feel good.
Want - Brights for Spring:

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