Monday, May 9, 2011

Good, You?

I started out my week with a massage, which is the way all weeks should start.  I've been drinking more water and walked home from work a couple times.  I also went out for a few drinks on Friday with Flash, shopping with a girlfriend Saturday afternoon and a girl's dinner Saturday night.

I know I feel better when I get out and do things, interact with other people and fight my homebody tendencies.  It's getting easier now that the weather is finally getting warm out.  The cold and dark are so depressing.  Scurrying from one indoor environment to the next, dark when you get up, dark when you leave work, cold and miserable.  The days are getting longer and I can feel the city starting to wake up.  It helps keep my motivation up and now instead of coming home and wanting to curl up and go to bed I'm more energized, open to doing things that involve leaving my apartment.

I find I bottle my emotions up and don't talk about them, but I do wear them on my face.  I can't pretend to be happy when I am not.  It creates a lot of tension with the people around me.  Tom Hanks was on Oprah the other day and he said his life motto was be honest.  I think of myself as very honest, but I often stew on things for a while until I feel like I've distilled down what is bothering me.  Sometimes this works, but most of the time I'm just dragging out my frustrations by not finding a way to communicate them right away.  Be honest with myself, articulate my feelings better.  It's a hard balance between not sweating the small stuff and letting the small stuff snowball into bigger stuff.

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