Monday, May 2, 2011



May is all about Money for me. Not so much watching my money, or limiting my spending, because I'm pretty good at not being a huge impulse buyer anyways, but understand WHERE my money goes. Kirby helped me out in letting me on her trade secrets from her money month. I'm going to keep all my receipts from the month, as well as track (via my blackberry note pad) all the little things that you don't even think about---random coffees, grabbing a banana from sunterra market, a morning smoothie...etc.) And add everything up at the end of the month. With the assistance of my Royal bank funds tracker....I can put everything in a pie graph so I can also visually see the amount of my income that goes towards random crap.
In an effort to be more wealth conscious, I am going to attempt to bring ALL my snacks to work so if I do have to buy something it will only be my main lunch meal which, for me, always consists of a sandwich or salad. I find it hard to make lunches because I get VERY sick of homemade sandwiches (they're SO blah) and I don't like eating what I had for dinner the night before.
For the longest time I was buying a Protein Plate from Starbucks almost every day. These are not cheap. So this week I took the effort to make my OWN protein plates. My darling friend Amy found Justin's all natural, organic peanut butter online, so she gave me a jar (it's the peanut butter found in set protein plate a la starbuckles) which was a huge first step. I also hard boiled 5 eggs on Sunday night so I could put 1 in my protein plate each morning. I bought the pitas that they put in there too....added some sharp old cheddar cheese and BOOM a make shift Protein Plate for SOOO much less money. I feel like a coupon clipper already.
Other than that I'm reading some monetarily educational books such as "SPIN Selling" and "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". From these readings I hope to be able to open up my mind to my future. I really want to raise my kids in a very "a dollar is hard earned" kind of way. I JUST learned what an RRSP is....actually I still don't even know what the acronym is. I just know that money IN to them equals not owing the government money at tax time. Hahah that's pathetic. I only got through my Finance and Accounting classes in University through 100% memorization....I understood hardly any of it.
Anyways, being smarter and more aware is m ultimate goal. Kirby told me that once she realized where her funds were going she was much more aware of random purchases. Also, only purchasing these small things with CASH makes a big difference. In the age of blind digital's easy to not care when you don't see it actually leaving your wallet.

I'm excited about Money month. Maybe at the end i'll treat myself to something lovely for a job well done :)



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