Sunday, June 12, 2011

Give it a Shot

I had an eventful trip to the vet with Slone this week.  I have been putting off the annual vet trip because the vet sucks.  They play on your guilt and hurt your wallet.  They should just put dollar signs on the door because that's what it is.  Anyway, we went and got up to date on our vaccinations.  I dropped Slone off at home with Flash with explicit instructions to watch her, particularly her face.  I then went and did a Wal-mart trip that took about an hour and came home to find Flash asleep on the couch.  Slone was in hiding under my bed and when she finally came out I inspected her face to find that it was swelling up.  Frustrated and tired I took Slone back to the vet at 10:30pm for shots to counteract the swelling.  It's an allergic reaction to the vaccinations.  She had something similar happen during one of her original puppy shots but I thought that was a one time thing and since she'd had shots before I wouldn't have to worry about it.  Well turns out I did and after another lovely vet trip got home at midnight.  Awesome.

Our walks have been sporadic.  The weather has been rainy with a nice day peaking through here and there.  We went on a big walk the day after her vet trip in which Slone didn't not feel like walking.  Normally she is so excited to go for a walk that she pulls on her lease for the first third before settling in and walking normal.  This time I was practically pulling her along.  Finally as my frustration started to boil over I told myself she was still groggy from the vet, picked her up and carried her home.  Long walks are now necessary as the vet said she is at the uppermost part of the normal weight category.  Which is a nice way of saying that your dog is pretty much fat.  So we're cutting down on food and walking more because I will not have a fat dog.  He also told me she was developing tarter shit on her back teeth.  I have a toothbrush for her, but I rarely use it.  My vet brushes his dogs teeth every day.  Well aren't you the best fucking dog owner ever.  Who the fuck brushes their dogs teeth every day.  Pretty sure animals in the wild don't brush their god damn teeth.

We went to puppy play group today.  This was the first time we went to the new location and I liked it.  Big windows, mellow, calm place.  There's also a nice park just outside it that I didn't know existed.  We got a $5 nail trim and played with some puppies.  Usually Slone is a snob, but she played better this time.  More sniffed than played, but at least she was interacting.

I haven't even started trying tricks yet.  That's my goal for this upcoming week.

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