Monday, June 6, 2011

A Day at the Pet Store

Today bones and I spent our evening at the pet store.  I took my time, let bones look around, sniff some puppies.  We picked up a couple toys and after a frustrating search for harnesses (Slone is a weird in-between size) I finally let the sales guy help us pick.  He got one stuck on Slone's head, but Slone was so well behaved during the ordeal.  She didn't freak out, or whine.  We tried on one more harness that seemed to fit okay so I bought her some treats.

I found these turkeys to be highly disturbing.  Look at the gobbley ball sack under their beaks, and then the bikini... They are this weird native headdress wearing transvestite porn rooster.  AND it's $11.77!  Who on earth pays twelve dollars for this?
When old people wear diapers you think, oh they start in diapers they end in diapers, full circle.  But this?
Finally we looked at some fish, because everybody likes fish.  

Dog toys - $24.00
Harness - $12.00
Treats - $8.00
Dog Food - $18.00
Date night with man's best friend - Priceless

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