Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Productivity Is My Bitch

My alone time is coming to an end.  My productivity was epic these past few days so I’m writing this post to give myself a little pat on the back.  Melissa left for her weekend away on Thursday, and Flash left Friday evening.  Thursday I went to home depot and picked up some painting supplies and a can of paint.  I know perfectly well the one does not go to Home Depot on a Friday night or Saturday during a weekend in the early summer.  The paint department is always understaffed and therefore a zoo and you will easily spend a couple hours standing around waiting for paint.  On Friday after work I suckered Flash into doing a trip to Ikea with me as he has an SUV so the boxes fit better, and I needed someone to help me carry things.  Unlike Home Depot in which people are stocking up on what they need to have a productive Saturday working on their house and yard, nobody wants to spend their Friday night at Ikea shopping for unassembled furniture.  As you can see I have a slight dislike of crowds.  So, Flash leaves and my productive weekend begins:

Friday Night
assembled Ikea TV stand
removed old cupboard knobs, sanded and painted over where they’d been
replaced knobs on cupboard doors with new Ikea ones
washed the walls
prepped small wall (previously chocolate brown) to be painted (taped, removed outlet covers)
painted first coat of grey on small wall
assembled Ikea dvd shelving unit and attached it to the wall next to the existing identical one
re-alphabetized the dvds and distributed them along the two units
cornered random guy in elevator to help me move the flatscreen from old TV stand to new one
dis-assembled old TV stand
took three loads of garbage to parkade dumpsters
painted second coat of grey
did 5 loads of laundry
washed the windows
cleaned the entire house
walked the dog

touched up paint spots on roof and trim
washed cupboard doors

went to puppy play group
Home alone + huge to do list + unplugging your TV and not being able to move it back by yourself = getting shit done.

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