Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time Management

I've been thinking a lot about time managment. 
I had an incredibly unproductive long weekend.  I should have been planning out my new project, but I didn't.  I wasn't feeling that great so I didn't go out.  I can't blame social outings or hangovers or anything.  I had lots of time and didn't use it. 

In University, there was a girl who was a time management phenom.  I asked her to be my partner in theory class one year because she is always on top of her shit and I thought that would keep me on top of my shit too.  She had a daytimer notebook thing and she would write down what she was going to work on and for how long.  So, from 7 - 7:30 she was going to come up with a topic and an introduction for project 1, and from 8 to 9 she was going to work on her model for this project.  Like, literally accounted for her evenings and weekends this way.  Now, she also lived at home, so some of the normal day to day domestic things like, cooking, grocery shopping, etc. didn't factor into her week, but despite that it was still extremely impressive.

I'm very organized with things.  There is a lot of stuff in our small apartment, but I have it organized and tucked away.  Time is a different matter.  I think I am permanently tramatized from my University experience.  Being in a really heavy competitive program made my life very busy and stressful for years.  I often thought to myself, "When am I going to find time to shower?"  Doing nothing was a huge luxury, and even today I am rarely bored.  I always have a running list of things I could be doing, but if none of those strike my fancy I'm quite content to be lazy and waste time.

This whole happiness project isn't about just trying to find more happiness, it's about finding ways to be the best version of myself.  I get a lot of unhappiness from feeling like I'm not doing what I should be doing, not living up to my expectations of myself.  I feel mediocre, which sucks.  Given the way I've been doing the project so far, it seems a little nuts to give myself permission to spend an entire month on planning, but I think it's the key to being more successful at my goals.

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