Friday, December 9, 2011

Keep On Keeping ON

I have now had two sessions with my trainer and I think it's great.  These were my two "free" sessions for signing up for a year membership.  I wish I had done them earlier.

Now, I'm not going to say that the cost of a training sessions isn't worth it, but I will say it's expensive-ish.  My research has found that in my area (downtown) an hour with a trainer runs at about $80.  If you were wanting to meet with a trainer once a week, you're looking at around $320.00 a month, plus tax.  Now, there are lots of people who can afford that, and a lot who can't. 

There's a deal on training at my gym right now for reduced prices.  You can buy as many sessions as you want but you have to purchase them by the end of December.  You can then use them as you please throughout the following year.  I'm debating buying some because it's a good deal.

I would recommend a trainer to absolutely anyone wanting to get in shape or get out of a fitness rut.  I already feel a hundred times more comfortable at my gym.  There's this confidence I've gotten from having a trainer tell you what to do, how many and how much weight.  I hate the idea of wasting time, and with a trainer I know I'm being super effective with my hour.  I also have little circuits of moves I can repeat on my own with confidence.  We're using areas of the gym I never attempted to use for fear of being in the way or looking stupid.

Happiness level = higher.

Maybe it's okay that my training sessions came later.  I'm coming to the end of my fitness focused quarter and I feeled a renewed sense of motivation to continue to make this a real part of my life.

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