Thursday, December 1, 2011

Push Harder

As a perk for signing up for a membership you get two consultations with a trainer.  For a long time I thought maybe they were really backed up at my gym because no one contacted me about my consultation.  A girl I know recently became a member of my gym and after talking with her realized that she had her consultation within a week of buying her membership.  Well, wtf gym.  So I popped my head in the office and asked if my paperwork got misplaced.  I was getting charged for my membership so it couldn't have been that lost.

Anywho, Courtney called me to set up a consultation.  I became extremely nervous at the thought of doing a training session.  I've seen others happen around my in the three months I've had my membership, and some people are a bit pathetic.  There's a lot of I cant's and people pleading not to do certain exercises and what not.  So when I finally got the courage up to do the appointment I told myself I would not falter, I would do whatever was asked of me.

I don't like to run.  I'm more into weights and resistance then cardio.  As a warm up for the workout she had me run at a 6.0 for five minutes.  Shit.  This is the first thing, and I will not punk out.  So I did it.  I thought my heart was going to explode but I did it.  We then went through several exercises back to back to back.  I was doing well until I got to burpees.  I hate burpees.  I had to do 15 and I got about half way and wanted to die.  I also couldn't do 20 push ups on my toes and after 10 had to go onto my knees.  We also did this absolutely awful exercise where you stand on a resistance band, cross it and pull the handles up to your waste and then side shuffle 40 feet to the left and then 40 feet back to the right.  Not only does it take forever because the band forces you to take tiny steps, but the muscles on the sides of our thighs and glutes are on fire.  I asked her that we please not repeat that part.

All in all it was good.  It was challenging.  I got new ideas for moved I could be doing and I used more of the gym than normal.  Most of all I think it was eye opening for intensity.  I left that workout thinking that I need to push myself harder.  I also felt reaffirmed in the belief that Flash needs a trainer to push him.  I don't think I could've made myself work at that intensity without someone telling me to do it and seeing it for myself.

I have my second consult with her next Tuesday.  She said the first one is to gage what you can do, strengths and weaknesses and all that.  So she's probably going to make me run and do burpees.  Sad face.

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