Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happiness Project Begins!

Sooo I'm day 2 into my Happiness Project and so far so good! My first month is also dedicated to "Boosting Energy" but because i've spent my life being a pretty active with sports and hitting the gym, I decided to focus more on good health and emotional energy. For this I decided to start off with some attainable goals that would push me to feel very successful during my first month of Happiness, to give me that catapult to get through the more trying months (ahem...working on my "attitude" haha). So my 5 goals for this month are:
- take a multivitamin weekly
-drink at least 600mL of water a day AT work
-be in bed by 10:30pm on week nights
-go to yoga once a week at least (internal peace of mind)
-gym 5 days a week (softball doesn't count)

I'm very excited for my boosting energy month! I think this is a step in the right direction of having a very healthy lifestyle...during the week at least...I'm going to work on the weekends later!
Also, Kirby and I both compiled lists of things, nagging tasks, we want to get through. I plan to keep an ongoing list and try to tackle at least one nagging task a month. I'm happy to report that day 2 into my happiness project, I tacked "go to the eye doctor" which I haven't done in.....ever? I felt like I needed glasses....the doctor told me that I have 20/20 vision and don't need glasses!!!! Have I always not needed glasses or has the magic of the happiness project enhanced my vision??? CARROTS! Just one of those unsolved mysteries I guess.

-Melissa...happy as a clam!

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