Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good Morning Vietnam

Boo blogger I hate typing my blog posts on you!  Boooooooo!
I used to use an editor on my work computer but it's only for Windows and I have a Mac and boooooooooooo.

My new job is going well so far.  I felt a lot of nervous jitters on my first day but I feel much more comfortable now.  Mornings haven't been easy, but it helps to know that I have to be there.  The accountability that comes from knowing someone is going to notice and care if you're late makes a big difference.  At my old job, it really didn't matter what time you showed up.  You couldn't waltz in at noon or anything but it wasn't unusual for someone to come in 40 minutes late. There's a lot of differences between working for a small and big company.  For starters, I have someone that I report to, someone who makes sure I'm busy, is involved with what I'm doing throughout the day.  There's just more people, more interaction.  I feel more awake.  I'm definitely tired, it's been hard to adjust to the earlier start and longer day, but I feel more mentally stimulated which is helping to counteract it.

I was bored at my other job and I had a hard time filling my day, but now that I'm at a job where I have no time to do any personal stuff (and am not supposed to use my work computer for it) that I'm going to have to adjust how I spend my weekend and evening time.  I developed a long list of blogs I like to read, Perez, looking at clothes (but not buying money month don't look at me like that) Facebook, happiness project brainstorming, do my own blog posts, etc. to kill time during my day.  Now I get why Melissa was always like, "When do you find time to do all this shit?".

I got new clothes for my new job and I love them.  The funny thing about shopping is that it's addictive.  After spending hours and hours in malls you think you'd get sick of it and not want to step foot in one for a while but no, I want more and more and more.  Spring magazines are out and I'm like damn, that's cute.  Want.

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