Sunday, March 13, 2011

Me Me Me

A blog is a very self absorbed thing.  Me me me.  The happiness project is very me me me as well.  Sometimes I wonder if I would do better at certain resolutions if I lived alone.  I have P90X dvds that I like to do, and in theory if I followed the schedule for 3 months I should get ripped.  The dvds would need to be done in my living room, which is a problem when you have two roommates.  Maybe now and then I could do one, but not 6 times a week without banishing the entire household.  Flash and I spend almost all of our non-work time together, so his presence is obviously a big influence on how I spend my time.  Even though my behavior may seem selfish and lazy at times when I retreat to my room or seem shut down, I think I'm having a hard time being 'selfish' or focusing on myself the way I want to.  I don't know if there's a word for that, but focusing on other people prevents me from focusing on myself and instead I bum around the house feeling frustrated.  I can't say for certain that I would do better on these things if I lived alone, but it would certainly eliminate a lot of the excuses for not being as productive as I think I should be.

But where's the balance?  Can I focus on myself and still be a good friend?  A good girlfriend?  Is this an issue of motivation and procrastination or is this one of those me vs we relationships issues?  I need a happy place, a space to work on things.

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