Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drizzle Misery

I want nothing more than to take my dog for a long walk, sit in the sun and read a book.  The rain, or should I say misty drizzle has been non stop since Monday.  The universe and I are not on the same page.  At present I am in need of a new book.  I recently read a couple books that I randomly picked out online and enjoyed them both.  The second turned out to be very much a pre-teen geared book.  It was an easy read and I polished it off in about two days.  I found it immensely comforting to read.  I enjoy fiction, but I have a hard time committing to new books.  I like things that have a bit of a fantasy/science fiction edge to them.  I need some new books, tv is a waste of time.

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