Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waaa Everything is Hard

I want a life guru.  Someone who knows what they are talking about who can guide me through my life.
Yes, young grasshopper, do this and you will succeed.
Like, if someone said that if you followed 10 steps they outlined you would be a millionaire, and it was a straight up guarantee, you would do it. You would.  You would do it because you believed in the process.
Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone to help you.  Someone who knows what they are doing.
Self-improvement can be a lonely journey.  It’s a lot easier to wallow in a lazy, unmotivated funk if the only person it’s affecting is you.  If Sally Sue is picking you up for the gym in an hour then you best get up and put your freakin’ shoes on.
So I think to myself, ask for help.  Asking for help can be a tricky thing.  First of all, you need someone capable of helping you.  Helping you move furniture is one thing, helping you structure goals and keep you accountable is a whole other type of person.  I’d need someone who is somewhat organized or skilled at planning.  Someone who is not afraid of keeping me accountable.
Even when Melissa and I did projects at the same time, the way we went about our goals was completely different.  My way was a structured checklist, hers was a more general be more conscious and I’m bound to improve sort of way.  Any sense of friendly competition or staying on par with each other didn’t exist.
Why can’t I find goals that excite me anymore?  I should be able to do this by myself.

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